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Platinum Glazing provides double glazing repairs throughout the Chelmsford area. Double glazing offers energy efficiency benefits to property owners, saving money on your annual utility bills. Unfortunately, these cost-savings quickly vanish as soon as your double glazing becomes defective. If you’ve noticed any tell-tale signs that your installation might be faulty, then it’s time to call out your local double glazing repairs Chelmsford team to take a look asap.

We can quickly review the problem with your uPVC windows and doors, before offering our expert guidance on whether you’ll need to repair or replace the installation. As soon as you notice any issues, simply get in touch with Platinum Glazing and we’ll arrange an appointment with our expert double glazing repairs Chelmsford team.

Broken Seal uPVC Window Repairs Chelmsford

Double glazed doors and windows are a long-lasting solution which are an important investment for your property. Typically, you can expect your installation to last for as long as twenty to thirty years. Around this point, or sometimes earlier, you might pick up on some signs that your double glazed units are not operating at their optimal level. A quick diagnostic assessment conducted by our double glazing repairs Chelmsford professionals will check the seal of your glazing for signs of wear and tear.

If the seal has worn, then you will likely notice problems including:

  • Draughts, particularly in colder weather
  • Rainwater seeping in through the cracks
  • Condensation appearing between the panes of your uPVC windows

Get in touch with your uPVC window repairs Chelmsford team as soon as you notice any of these signs.

uPVC Window Repairs Chelmsford

It’s not always necessary to invest in a brand-new installation if your existing double glazing becomes defective. In many cases glass replacement is a viable option and can be carried out by our uPVC window repairs Chelmsford team at either your commercial or domestic property. We will always advise you on the best long-term option which will offer both financial and energy efficient savings in the years to come. Double glazing repairs Chelmsford solutions can be carried out quickly at your property, ensuring that any disruption is minimal. You can be assured that we’ll rapidly restore your home or place of business back to normal as quickly as possible.

In terms of design, any glass replacement we carry out will be matched with your existing uPVC windows or doors so that the tint, lead and bars are a perfect fit.

Professional uPVC Windows and Doors Upgrades

If you have any faults with the components of your uPVC windows and doors, then our professional double glazing repairs Chelmsford team are on hand. We can suggest upgrades for parts including locks, handles and patio rollers for your doors and windows. Not only will these simple modifications enhance the security aspects of your double glazing, but this should also have the knock-on effect of reducing your insurance premium too.

If you’re ready to overhaul the performance of your uPVC windows or doors, then get in touch with Platinum Glazing today. We’ll take some details and provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote. Contact our professional double glazing repairs Chelmsford experts on 01787 584 960.

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